There is huge growth potential for apartment and condo dwellers in Toronto, and we’re not just talking about property values!

You don’t need a house and yard in order to have a garden.

Toronto has acres of untapped growing space on its balconies, and an opportunity for creating a peaceful and pleasurable living environment while at the same time improving the air we breathe.

Balcony gardens can help to improve urban life by:

  • Beautifying our buildings
  • Helping improve air quality
  • Increasing our home-grown food supply
  • Encouraging interactive communities and green initiatives
  • Benefiting the physical and mental health of all city dwellers

We want to grow with you! Explore the site and all its links, contribute advice and experience, and help make Toronto a greener, even more beautiful city!

What is Toronto Balconies Bloom?

  • A volunteer project to inspire and support residents with balconies to create thriving balcony gardens in the city of Toronto
  • A way to shine a “grow-light” on balcony gardening and strengthen the community of local enthusiasts
  • A way to get helpful gardening information and supplies into people’s hands and onto their balconies
  • An umbrella for untold future activities

Toronto Balconies Bloom supports both communities and individuals. We encourage gardeners with diverse experience and interests to work together within individual buildings, neighbourhoods or community groups. This is our chance to bloom together!

What Does Toronto Balconies Bloom Provide?

  • A hub for sharing ideas, resources and activities relating to balcony gardening
  • An online gallery of inspiring pictures, stories, and projects
  • Articles and exclusive interviews with gardeners and enthusiasts
  • News about and coordination support for new initiatives – information forums, community engagement, contests, research, promotion of new methods and tools